Xzilon Car Protection

Xzilon Car ProtectionChoosing Xzilon® Molecular Adhesion for your vehicle is the best decision you can make, when investing in your purchase and keeping your vehicle looking new while maintaining its value for years to come. For many of us, our vehicles have become our home away from home. We spend more time in our vehicles than ever before making the need for appearance protection products a must, not an option. By also purchasing additional coverage to the manufacturer's various warranties, you are further protecting your investment, your safety, and your financial peace of mind.

Xzilon® Inc's products are unique in that they are a quality line of products which are offered and applied exclusively through authorized dealerships through out the United States and Canada. Please contact Xzilon Inc for a dealership nearest to you, to have our products applied. The Xzilon® line of product are backed by comprehensive warranties with best-in-industry coverage. Xzilon has a proven track record, with Boeing testing, and aviation studies.

A knowledgeable, experienced customer service staff is at hand to give exceptional support to the customer and dealer. You can contact Xzilon Customer Service at 562-923-5438.

The Xzilon® Inc warranties are fully transferable to a second owner. Whether your vehicle is new from the factory or gently used, we have a warranty program for you that can be serviced anywhere in the United States or Canada. Ask your dealer to review the Xzilon line of limited warranties for specific coverage details.

Xzilon +

Xzilon has now expanded its paint and interior protection with the development of Xzilon+. This Ultimate Appearance warranty provides the additional benefits of exterior dent and interior rips/tears/burns protection. This protection is possible by applying an additional layer of Xzilon+ to the covered exterior vertical sheet metal panels of the vehicle. Xzilon+'s innovative formula was originally developed for eyeglass protection by Xzilon. This extra layer of Xzilon+ will assist in the prevention of minor dings and dents. In the event a dent occurs (that is repairable using the PDR process), we will repair it within the terms of the warranty. The extra interior benefit of rips/tears/burns works in the same manner. With the additional application of Xzilon's interior protection, the treated seating surface will resist the event of rips/tears/burns. In the event they occur, service will be provided to first repair or then replace the affected area per the terms of the warranty.

These new benefits only work because the product works. But when service is required, Xzilon+ provides the method and talent that will surpass the consumers expectations. Our strength in service starts with our website (www.xzilonplus.com). >From this site, our industry leading service begins. Simply put, no one has created a hassle-free, automated tool just for the customer to file a claim, like the one offered by Xzilon+.

The way you maintain your vehicle's appearance impacts its VALUE. A vehicle's depreciation in the first five years, in most cases, is the largest expense of owning a new vehicle. Weathered paint, an interior the shows spills/soils/fading and an exterior with dents will accelerate that depreciation. If your vehicle is leased, you may be exposed to charges for this excessive wear and tear. Protect your vehicle from everyday hazards with Xzilon+. The VALUE of your vehicle and your ownership experience will depend on it.


How can I buy Xzilon?

Xzilon is sold and applied by Authorized Auto Dealerships throughout the United States. Mtn View Ford Lincoln is an authorized dealer.

How much does Xzilon cost?

Contact Mtn View Ford Lincoln for that information.

How long does the application process take?

Contact Mtn View Ford Lincoln for that information.

How do I clean my vehicle after Xzilon has been applied?

We suggest regular routine washing and general maintenance on the vehicle. Regular washing should be at least every 2 weeks, including interior vacuuming, in addition we require immediate removal of spills and debris

What products do you recommend for washing your car?

You may use any high quality, non-abrasive car soap. However to insure your protection, Xzilon does recommend Xzilon brand Wash & Wax.

Can I wax my vehicle?

Yes, you can use any non abrasive carnauba wax applied by hand. Waxing is not required to maintain your warranty

Will I have to have Xzilon reapplied before the end of my contract?

NO! There is no need for reapplication.

Can I take my car to a car wash?

Yes, you can use a drive through a car wash, as long as it is a "Touch-less" or "Brush-less" variety. You never want anything to scratch your protection. Please make sure your car is dried completely. You may wish to dry it by hand with a soft cotton towel or a chamois.

Can I wash my vehicle at a "hand car wash?"

Yes, absolutely. Just make sure your car is completely dried.

Should I have a copy of my warranty?

Yes! You should have been given a copy of your warranty. If you have not, please contact Mtn View Ford Lincoln.

Where else can I buy Xzilon Molecular Adhesion Products?

Xzilon Molecular Adhesion is only sold and warrantied through Auto dealerships and must be professionally applied. XZILON DOES NOT SELL XZILON DIRECTLY, NOR DO THEY ENDORSE OR SELL ANY OF THEIR ITEMS ON EBAY!

How can I remove Xzilon from my windows?

Contact Xzilon at 800-553-6866 for instructions.

How do I file a claim?

For exterior claims, please attempt to remove the "issue" before contacting a Xzilon Claims agent. Please refer to your warranty to see what exterior elements are covered under your contract.

For interior claims: Please refer to your warranty for information on which stains are covered. Please also try and remove any staining before contacting a Xzilon Claims agent. Your Xzilon warranty goes into effect once a stain is deemed permanent and needs a professional to remove or repair it. Contact Xzilon at 800-553-6866 for further assistance.

What is my warranty term?

Contact Mtn View Ford Lincoln for a copy of your warranty.

Can I have Xzilon reapplied after my 5 year warranty is completed?

YES! Contact Mtn View Ford Lincoln for more information.

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