Check Out These Ford Escape Safety and Tech Features

The Ford Escape is a popular crossover vehicle. One of the many reasons why people like the Escape so much is its high-tech features, such as the lane-keeping system. This steering-assist feature helps you to stay in your lane of traffic so that you don't drift into others.

Many people take multi-lane roads on their commutes to work or on their vacations. With the Ford Escape's Blind Spot Information System, the vehicle will alert you before you change lanes when another vehicle is already in the lane. This could help you to avoid a high-speed accident.

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Potholes Lead to Misalignment

Have you had the experience of driving along, thinking that everything is fine with your vehicle, that is until you hit a pothole hard. In the coming days and weeks, you begin to notice that you are constantly correcting your steering because your wheels keep veering, causing you to drift to the left or to the right.

The problem is your alignment, and jarring from potholes can cause problems with your alignment. It's also more than just an annoying drifting that you have to correct. Misaligned wheels can cause uneven wearing on your tires, which means that you have…

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What Does Brake Fluid Do for Your Car's Brakes?

You may often hear about checking your car's fluid levels, and brake fluid is one of them, but what does brake fluid do for its brakes?

Auto brakes are powered pneumatically. When you step on the brake pedal, brake fluid is pumped into cylinders that actuate calipers. The calipers hold brake pads that clamp down on the rotors on your car's wheels. The friction this creates slows your vehicle to a stop. It wouldn't be possible to use the amount of force required to quickly stop an automobile without a brake system that used brake fluid.


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What is a Differential?

If your vehicle is rear-wheel drive (RWD), then it has a rear differential. RWD means that the two rear wheels are pushing your car forward. They move at different speeds, though, so a differential is designed to synchronize their movements.

When you turn a corner, for instance, force and direction of the turn require different wheel motion. If you’re turning left, then the left wheels will be the inside wheels. They have a shorter distance to travel to make the turn than the outside wheels. They also move slower. The wheels on the right, or the outside, in this…

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The 2018 Ford Edge Is An Impressive Vehicle

When talking about SUVs, people generally understand that there are many options to choose from. Those options include the very large to smaller size vehicles. Regardless of the size though, it is a sure thing that those who buy one will have something of which they can be proud.

That certainly describes the 2018 Ford Edge which is a mid-size SUV with plenty of style as space. It is equipped with many of the extras most SUV lovers have come to expect. While it comes with a standard 2.0-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine, those wishing for more horsepower and torque…
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How Is BLIS Helping Keep Drivers Safe?

We have all seen it, driving on the highway and someone indicates before attempting to merge but doesn't see a vehicle in the adjacent lane due to the vehicle's blind spot. It happens fairly frequently, especially if you commute and can sometimes lead to some bad outcomes.

Many technologies in the automotive industry and changing the way we drive and Ford's Blind Spot Information System, BLIS for short, is helping to make drivers safer. Sensors in the exterior mirrors are designed to provide a coverage area of about ten feet beyond the rear bumper to...
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Discover the Best Features of SYNC 3 Infotainment

The Ford SYNC 3 Infotainment is a fantastically revamped machine. For drivers around the world, it’s a great move. It has a number of features that function to create an easier life and make driving more pleasurable. The most useful part is you may come out it and decide when to go hands-free and when to use your voice controls.

Programs are very popular nowadays, so the SYNC 3 Infotainment System comes equipped together with the FordPass Connect Program to attach to a mobile phone. The intelligent computer software will let you get a grip on the road and…

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5 Reasons to Buy an SUV from Mtn. View Ford Lincoln

Maybe your family is growing in size, and you need more seats in your car, or maybe you just want something more durable in the snow. Here at our Chattanooga, TN showroom, you can find a top SUV model that suits your wide range of needs. Whether you've owned one in the past or are looking to buy your first, here are five good reasons why you should own an SUV:

  1. Off-road capabilities- Ever have the urge to just take a drive up the mountain or down a wooded trail? SUVs are perfect for just that with their off-roading…
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Has Your Car Been Inspected Recently?

If you own a car, or intend to purchase one, you probably know how important it is to service it across seasons. This is because each season comes with different car requirements. One of the places to start with is the tires. At Mtn. View Ford Lincoln, when you bring your vehicle for service, we will analyze them and see if they need a replacement.

Seasonal Maintenance Milestones For Your Vehicle

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