Two new trucks to the compact pickup segment, the Ford Maverick and the Hyundai Santa Cruz build upon the sporty style of their larger lineup counterparts to make for a versatile, daily-driver-optimized truck that's both convenient and exciting. Learn about the strengths of the Ford Maverick in comparison to its competition today.

Hybrid Power

One of the standout features of the Ford pickup is its hybrid engine configuration. This is the standard engine and perfect for those who want the agility and towing capacity of a truck, but with a hybrid engine's dynamics and fuel economy. This configuration consists of a 2.50liter four-cylinder ga engine and electric motor, with the option to lose the electric support and take charge with just gas. The Hyundai Santa Cruz has two engine options, but neither is a hybrid.

Size and Stance

If you're shopping from this segment, likely one of the most important features to you is the size. The Ford Maverick is slightly larger than the Hyundai truck, providing you with those few extra inches of legroom and interior space you and your five passengers will appreciate on longer rides. The bed is also larger, making for more cargo space opportunities.


When it comes to including safety, technology, and design feature you care about, the benefit of shopping the Ford lineup, a selection of models known for their trucks, are many. An interior center console designed as a workspace, LED lighting options, Sync 4 infotainment, and a large standard driver's assistance suite are all features that Ford does right. The Hyundai Santa Cruz definitely offers some sought-after tech and safety perks, but there's something to be said for shopping for your next truck with a brand known for its expertise in the segment.

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