If you own a car, or intend to purchase one, you probably know how important it is to service it across seasons. This is because each season comes with different car requirements. One of the places to start with is the tires. At Mtn. View Ford Lincoln, when you bring your vehicle for service, we will analyze them and see if they need a replacement.

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It’s important for you to rotate your tires across seasons. This ensures that their lifespan is higher over the years. If it’s winter, ensure that you have tires specifically designed for winter to avoid any accidents. Once winter is gone, you can always replace them with regular ones. Our team of experts will ensure that they check your washer fluid especially the windshield one. During winter, this fluid needs to contain alcohol to make sure that it can withstand the freezing nature of the weather.

Every change of season requires you to service your car to ensure that everything is working fine. Visit our offices at 301 E 20th Street to have your vehicle inspected with ease!

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