You're Not Just a Luddite—New Automatic Safety Features May Be Eroding Driving Skills


Maybe you're just getting old, but you don't trust all these new computerized features invading more and more of the Ford lineup each year. Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection? Do you really want a car smart enough to know what a human being looks like?

It's easy to see the benefit of these technologies. What if your kids were screaming at each other in the back seat, and just as you look back to stop them, someone jaywalks in front of you? With a vehicle like the 2017 Ford Fusion equipped with pedestrian detection, you stop automatically, and everyone can carry on with their day.

You might not be such a Luddite for feeling suspicious of it, however. Semi-autonomous technology is not all sunshine and roses.

Safety organizations like the IIHS, automakers, and academia are all growing concerned that drivers will not just rely on such features for emergencies, but start to use them as an excuse to be less attentive.

The University of Michigan already conducted a study that showed drivers are less likely to check over their shoulders when changing lanes if their car has a blind-spot information system installed, and other data has shown driver cellphone use is on the rise.

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