Folks, let's take a second to have a reality check here. It's a given fact that we don't eat food from the trash. We don't get our clothes from the garbage. So why is it that when many of us need automotive repairs, whether its routine maintenance or recovery from an unfortunate fender bender, people willingly accept salvaged parts? It makes no sense to us here at Mountain View Ford, and we believe our customers shouldn't accept it either, which is why we only use Genuine Ford parts in our service center.

Now, we can understand the appeal of salvaged parts. They can be offered at a cheaper rate, primarily because many of them are sourced from junkyards, and can even be marketed as "recycled parts". But the fact of the matter is, there is no guarantee on these parts, and the folks buying and installing them have likely done little to no testing to ensure that they'll work well in conjunction with your Ford vehicle's systems. With no guarantees on quality and dubious compatibility with other Genuine Ford parts, these salvaged parts can and often do fail far before their time, and that can lead to some costly repairs and potentially dangerous situations.

Thankfully, the certified Ford technicians in our service center only use Genuine Ford parts, ensuring both the quality of the individual unit, and its performance to Ford's exacting standards in each of its connected systems. So, when it comes time for your next automotive maintenance, don't settle for cut-rate salvaged parts. Let us help you get the most out of your new or pre-owned Ford vehicle with Genuine Ford parts here at Mountain View Ford in Chattanooga!

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