We often get so caught up in our daily, busy lives that we forget to give our cars a little tender love and care. Whether that means letting our gym bags sit too long in the backseat causing, well, maybe not the most pleasant odor, or just letting our inside windshield get a little too dirtied up, we're all guilty of something. In the video below, Ford shows us a few helpful car hacks that can greatly improve upon our driving experiences! Have a look.

We sure hadn't thought of some of those tricks here at Mtn. View Ford Lincoln, but we're certainly thankful for the knowledge. While it's great to be able to provide some quick fixes to our vehicles on our own, our service department can make sure the inside of your vehicle is running just as smoothly. If you're due for a standard service appointment or you think your car might be acting a bit funny, let our team of skilled, trained professionals handle it. We'll make sure your vehicle is up and running and back on the road in no time.

Taking care of your vehicle inside and out can extend its lifetime greatly. Don't hesitate to keep making great memories with your car for years to come. Give us a call at (888) 543-2082 to schedule an appointment or to speak with a service specialist today.

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